‘Embody Flow’ A One Day Immersion into the Soul Motion Tradition


Saturday June 27 th 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Our bodies are made of fluid systems that seek balance, orientation, encourage expansion and invite self-healing  This immersion is an invitation to somatically sense the flow within the form of the body and the forming within the form of life.  It takes practice to stay conscious of our oceanic heritage and there are choices in each moment to be in flow or rigidity, fixation or rivers of opportunity.

Embody flow will offer time to take a deep dive into listening to the tidal flow of breath, while exploring inquiries of our circulatory system and the energy body, bringing attention to the inner fluid body and connecting all the parts.  In this exploration we may embody new sensations that will inform and encourage flow of thought, inner creative flow and outer fluid expression.

Early Bird Registration by June 15, 2015:  $60 Includes Lunch

After June 15: $75

Please pre-register by calling or e-mailing Brietta Leader:                                                                     208-304-3143  or moondancermoves@gmail.com

Held at ‘Moondance Sanctuary’, a 30 ft. yurt close to town.  A lovely container for this work!


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