Soul Motion™: Dance Ritual



Soul Motion™: Dance Ritual

Sundays 10:00-11:30 am

The season has come to fall into a weekly rhythm and come together using dance as ritual, within the container of Soul Motion™. Giving each of us the space and guidance to creatively align with Mother Earth and our practice of centering, through offerings, intentions, movement & stillness.
We will devote 90 minutes to explore the body through somatic inquiries that invite us deeper into the physical realm of sensation and listen for shy whispers of soul.

Inspirations come from poems, music, nature, the moment, each other and continue into our everyday dance of life.

For those of you whom are curious about this practice, I have listed some experiences that keep me coming back to this amazing tradition we call, Soul Motion™, designed by Vinn Arjuna Marti.

*Spaciousness within physical body and ability to invite spaciousness around everyday challenges, fears & confusion.
*Continual development of presence, 360*
*Quieting of my thinking mind
*Ecstatic Joy
*Connection, Playfulness
*Tangible sensation of Unity, All One!
*Learning to pause with one eye inside physical body, one eye out
*Align with ‘what is’ in each moment
*Dance my dance; ugly, beautiful, connected, un-connected
*Freedom to express the raw, awake, living moment through movement.

Please join me for one or all of these Sundays that will carry us through the darkest days of the year!

Cost: Sliding scale $8-15 or bring food for Food Bank

Held at ‘Moondance Sanctuary’-30 foot yurt located at

130 Pinecrest Loop, Sandpoint

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