Soul Motion™: Dance Ritual


This Sunday February 28th in Spokane!!!

11:00 am-12:30 pm

This week I want to offer the wisdom from the Soul Motion™ tradition in what we call Orbit Orientation or 360* awareness.

360* Awareness is an invitation to spiral in and center yourself, spending time here clearing and listening. As we begin our journey spiraling out we can explore this kinesphere of psychic space that surrounds us as a circle of energy vibration.

“Like a sun star, massive in dimension and raidating heat and light from its total surface area, I open to the conscious awakening.” –Arjuna Marti –creator of Soul Motion™

Why is this important? This ability to spiral in to center and spiral out with conscious awareness may become a tool as we enter our everyday life filled with relationships, challenging encounters, frustrations & stress.
Not only can we play in the field of releasing and clearing, sketching and streaming of thoughts, movements and feelings. We are enlivening our field of presence, offering new choices, perspectives and outcomes in our everyday dance of life.

Held : 918 South Perry or The Buddhio, Spokane, WA

Cost: sliding scale $15-25

Contact: Brietta Leader 208-304-3143 with questions
Certified Soul Motion™ Teacher

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