Soul Motion™: Dance Ritual

Sunday April 3rd

10:00-11:30 am

Monarchs407This Sunday’s offering will be the only Soul Motion™ for the month of April in Sandpoint!! Would love it if you can join!

I am fascinated with the contrast of shadow and light in our everyday lives! How ever we choose to define it, whether it be good/bad, light/dark, negative/positive, I certainly sense how this dance is a key player in our everyday experience. Living on earth is all about this duality, so why not surrender that much more, get curious and dance closer to a new understanding of what it is to ‘be’ Alive.

One of Soul Motion™’s platform’s Pause Presence sets a tone and an opportunity to sense the conscious stream moving through you, to become present with the truth of the moment.
This Sunday we will explore this platform and it’s offerings, how it informs the dance and allows space to begin again. Inviting us to return to the body balanced in shadow and light.

Sunday April 3rd
10:00-11:30 am

Cost: Sliding Scale $8-15 or food for foodbank

Held at Embody-Center for the Healing Arts

823 Main St. Sandpoint

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