Dancing the Silk Road


Dancing the Silk Road

Full Moon

Sunday October 16th

4:00-6:00 pm

This 2 hour transformative journey will enhance the seasonal shift and allow for shedding, cleansing and setting intention for mind, body and spirit.

Through Soul Motion™ Dance Ritual led by Brietta Leader we wil spiral into the body and shed what is no longer vital, clearing a path to our core power.
Dauray Owens owner of WildFlower Spa & Apothecary will provide the cleansing and intention setting portion by providing the sacred herbs, spices and salts that the dancer can personally select and design within the ceremonial field we will have created together.

*the dance–sheds the old & creates mulch for the winter seeds
*the salts–support the cleansing of the body and mind
*the spices/herbs–represent what you are calling in for your personal growth, feeding the spirit
*the take home–is a personalized blend of The Silk Road Bath Salts to remember your path to center.

This offering is open to EveryBody!
Space is limited so please pre-register

Early Bird: $40 or $50 at door

Held at Moondance Sanctuary–30 foot yurt

Contact: Brietta Leader to pre-register

One thought on “Dancing the Silk Road

  1. Mikki Proffitt

    Hi Brietta,
    I would love to pre register for your early bird, Dancing the Silk Road.
    Please let me know if there’s still space available and if so how to make payment.
    Thanks so much,

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