Soul Motion™ Sundays


Soul Motion™ created by Vinn Arjuna Marti is a conscious dance practice that translates well into the everyday!

Come spend 90 minutes with me dancing within this lightly guided practice that could transform your life or in the very least lighten any moods that may surprise you in these darker months of the year!

We will practice within the platforms of Soul Motion which are:
*Pause Presence
*Orbit Orientation
*Echo Inspiration
These platforms are introduced and woven within the somatic inquiries and rituals that may be happening AND serve as tools for the everyday dance of life.

Here are a list of some basic benefits you tap into within this Soul Motion™ tradition.

*cultivate embodied presence
*quiet the mind
*therapy without words
*relax and release
*uses a wide variety of world music

Cost: Sliding Scale $8-13 or Food for the Food Bank

Contact: Brietta Leader 208-304-3143
Certified Soul Motion™ Teacher

To learn more about Soul Motion go to or more about Brietta:

Trust your Source
Trust your Process
Trust your Destination
You are Free
You are Enough
–Vinn Arjuna Marti

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