WildCore™ On the Mat

WildCore on the mat:

Developing Your Fluid Power w. Integrated Thai Massage

4 Week Series

Saturdays 9:00-10:15 am

Begins January 20th – February 10th

This series is designed for men and women ready to learn new ways of moving within their body, ease pain and increase overall mobility and flow. Each class is designed with different level choices and encourages the body to move as one fluid system. Increasing body awareness through movement develops a new sense of power and intuitive connections. Throughout the class there will be integrated Thai Massage stretches and self massage techniques offered.

Key components we will explore:
*Psoas function and awareness, this is our deepest core muscle.
*Exploring our fluid spine
*How breath supports our movements and movements support our breath.

What is WildCore on the mat?
WildCore is a blend of choreography, conscious dance, breath-work and belonging. It is designed for all levels and when offered on the mat it is essentially a dancing asana class, which means we take simple yoga poses, synchronize our movements with music and allow our untapped expression to lead.

Please pre-register by January 15th
$40 for session or $12 to drop in
$50 after 1/15


Held at Embody Studio 823 Main St, Sandpoint

Contact: Brietta Leader 208-304-3143

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