Newsletter Blog Post

April 2018 Newsletter Post

The trees are slowly calling back their leaves and the landscape makes its transition. I can’t help but get curious of my own inner landscape. I can sense the inner seeds I planted last Fall that are beginning to grow roots. The dark nights of winter that stimulate shadow work have created fertile grounds for these new roots & shoots AND I feel the need for tools to re-work the ground. The tools I speak of are the ones that spark our spirit and remind us to commune for a moment with the energies of the earth and our own energy hygiene. The full moon is Saturday, if you can take some reflective time to honor this round of expansion. Feel free to burn some sage, create some offerings and give thanks to this ability to find balance. This week I have witnessed the shaky grounds of transition among some of my students. In my classes I get to remind them and myself that we have the power to return to center, claim the magical inner workings of body and soul and dance within these seasonal cycles that support our growth. The landscape you see around you is a metaphor for your inner environment. Have fun with this dance of discovery.

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