May Newsletter Post

The Art of Risk–

On my walk this morning I was pondering the art of risk taking. Truly we all take risks at some point in our life, I hope. I am sure each of us gravitates toward certain kinds of risks, for me I sense many within my business and what I offer the world as it is slightly out of the box and with the potential to fall flat on my face. For others, risk could be hang gliding, placing all their money in the stock market, purchasing a business or stepping into a new job. In each of these scenarios risk is present and with it comes the exploration of trust and a full connection to the heart that is saying ‘go for it’. There is really not that much to lose, after all we are just tiny specks on an immense planet traveling through space. Taking a risk and walking the log across the fast river below heightens our awareness, sends the roots of trust down into the earth and sharpens our mind/body connection.
The message for the month of May is take some risk, make it an art form, which allows for your own creative expression of risk taking. Grow those roots of trust into the fertile soils of earth and learn how to expand beyond what keeps you safe.
For some the dance floor can be risky, if you find yourself playing it safe too often come check out a dance offering and take the risk to express yourself!


For the Month of May:  Bring a friend for Free!

Any morning WildCore class

Tuesday and Friday 8:30-9:30 am @ Embody 823 Main St

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