June Newsletter Post

Dance Anywhere!

A gentle reminder to connect to body, breath, earth and sky no matter where you are! These photos were taken last June on our Tatchenshini River Trip up north. Each night I pulled out my cardboard box and stretched like a cat next to the fire. As the trip went on my flat box became more sacred and more hammered simultaneously. There is most likely a metaphor in that last sentence that relates to what was going on within in me too! These grand & wild places of this planet can open and inspire the inner grand & wild places of our being. Taking moments to pause, breathe and dance anywhere connects us to the grand and wild spaces on the in and outside of our bodies.

The summer months are here and I encourage you to find your sacred cardboard box or flat ground to practice your dance anywhere. I will be taking off to England soon to participate in the Summer Long Dance, which is a ceremony that involves 3 days of fasting, dancing & praying within the Movement Medicine Tradition. I am guessing that I will be forever changed when I return and I look forward to sharing what may emerge. Our fundraiser for Kaniksu Land Trust was a huge success thanks to all of you! As part of the Long Dance we needed to raise $424 or so to offer to a charitable organization of our choice and we made $920!  Thank You Thank You! All the money goes to the purchase of Pine St Woods. They are really close to their 2.1 million dollar goal!

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