WildCore: Dancing the Divine Serpent

Saturday January 18, 2020

3:00-5:30 pm

Through movement, breath-work and journaling we will deepen our relationship with our inner serpent, learning new ways of moving from our inner slithery spine, outward to our body’s largest organ, the skin.

The serpent’s great teachings of non-attachment, non-judgement and walking in beauty will support us in shedding old layers, connect us with the earth element and offer an open invitation to embody our new skin.

Open to men, women, beginners and devotees alike!

Cost: $25 pre-registered, $40 per couple/two friends OR $35 at the Door

go to: eventbrite.com to register

Held at Embody Center for the Healing Arts

823 Main St.


WildCore Creative Infusion

Create a Power Symbol for 2019!

Brietta and Holly will gently guide you to step out of time and step onto the dance floor with paintbrush in hand, ready to dive into the body and reveal the personal symbol that will support your journey for 2019.

We will blend WildCore movement and journeying with intuitive painting techniques created in layers that will evolve into an interwoven experience of dance and art. When we carve out sacred time to set clear intentions that have been worked somatically and creatively, we are tapping into a great power. When the power is manifested as a symbol we can see and use through out the year, we have the potential to grow and express ourselves from a higher vibration, which ultimately promotes healing and love for the world.

Brietta and Holly have worked together within empowering workshops for women for over 20 years. The workshop is designed for anyone willing to tap into their creative well spring and express themselves through movement and art.

Friday January 11th
6:00-8:00 pm

Saturday January 12th
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Cost: $108
Pre-registration is necessary, limited space!
Follow this link to save your spot or message us here.

The workshop will be in held in Moondance Sanctuary
– a 30 ft. yurt

If you would like to learn more about Holly Walker please go to :

If you would like to learn more about Brietta Leader and WildCore go to:


Soul Motion®: One Eye In

Saturday September 22, 2018

7:00-9:00 pm

“One Eye In & One Eye Out” is one of my favorite expressions that Arjuna, the creator of Soul Motion uses to encourage tracking the inner workings of the body, while out in the everyday dance of life.
In these two hours we will spend time developing our one eye IN with guided inquiries that encourage deep listening and exploration through movement. The information we collect as we dance and track these inner workings will support us in our everyday roles, so we may honor the truth of our bodies rather than the impulse of the ego or old patterns of the mind.
EveryBody is welcome!

Cost: Sliding Scale $12-20

Held at Embody Studio

823 Main St.

June Newsletter Post

Dance Anywhere!

A gentle reminder to connect to body, breath, earth and sky no matter where you are! These photos were taken last June on our Tatchenshini River Trip up north. Each night I pulled out my cardboard box and stretched like a cat next to the fire. As the trip went on my flat box became more sacred and more hammered simultaneously. There is most likely a metaphor in that last sentence that relates to what was going on within in me too! These grand & wild places of this planet can open and inspire the inner grand & wild places of our being. Taking moments to pause, breathe and dance anywhere connects us to the grand and wild spaces on the in and outside of our bodies.

The summer months are here and I encourage you to find your sacred cardboard box or flat ground to practice your dance anywhere. I will be taking off to England soon to participate in the Summer Long Dance, which is a ceremony that involves 3 days of fasting, dancing & praying within the Movement Medicine Tradition. I am guessing that I will be forever changed when I return and I look forward to sharing what may emerge. Our fundraiser for Kaniksu Land Trust was a huge success thanks to all of you! As part of the Long Dance we needed to raise $424 or so to offer to a charitable organization of our choice and we made $920!  Thank You Thank You! All the money goes to the purchase of Pine St Woods. They are really close to their 2.1 million dollar goal!

May Newsletter Post

The Art of Risk–

On my walk this morning I was pondering the art of risk taking. Truly we all take risks at some point in our life, I hope. I am sure each of us gravitates toward certain kinds of risks, for me I sense many within my business and what I offer the world as it is slightly out of the box and with the potential to fall flat on my face. For others, risk could be hang gliding, placing all their money in the stock market, purchasing a business or stepping into a new job. In each of these scenarios risk is present and with it comes the exploration of trust and a full connection to the heart that is saying ‘go for it’. There is really not that much to lose, after all we are just tiny specks on an immense planet traveling through space. Taking a risk and walking the log across the fast river below heightens our awareness, sends the roots of trust down into the earth and sharpens our mind/body connection.
The message for the month of May is take some risk, make it an art form, which allows for your own creative expression of risk taking. Grow those roots of trust into the fertile soils of earth and learn how to expand beyond what keeps you safe.
For some the dance floor can be risky, if you find yourself playing it safe too often come check out a dance offering and take the risk to express yourself!


For the Month of May:  Bring a friend for Free!

Any morning WildCore class

Tuesday and Friday 8:30-9:30 am @ Embody 823 Main St

Earth Day Dance Odyssey

Friday April 20th

7:00-8:30 pm

All the proceeds from this event go to Kaniksu Land Trust’s project to purchase and preserve Pine St. Woods. This is 160 acres of forests, meadows and gently rolling hills just minutes from Sandpoint.

Begin your contribution in conserving acres of land for trails and & open spaces on this Earth Day Weekend with me on the dance floor. People and forests share in the freedom of diversity and the power in oneness. The SoulMotion® Conscious Dance Practice is a supportive environment to explore this freedom and power through movement and stillness. It is open for all levels and abilities.

Ali Thomas will be accompanying me on the Djembe!

Suggested Donation: $5 – $500

This summer both Brietta Leader and Yvette McGowan will be traveling to England to dance within a give away ceremony called the Summer Long Dance. They will be holding Kaniksu Land Trust within their hearts as they dance. To be a part of the ceremony we are asked to donate $300 English pounds each to the charitable organization of our choice and Kaniksu Land Trust was the winner.
We deeply appreciate your presence and contribution at this event!

Contact: Brietta Leader -moondancermoves@gmail.com

Newsletter Blog Post

April 2018 Newsletter Post

The trees are slowly calling back their leaves and the landscape makes its transition. I can’t help but get curious of my own inner landscape. I can sense the inner seeds I planted last Fall that are beginning to grow roots. The dark nights of winter that stimulate shadow work have created fertile grounds for these new roots & shoots AND I feel the need for tools to re-work the ground. The tools I speak of are the ones that spark our spirit and remind us to commune for a moment with the energies of the earth and our own energy hygiene. The full moon is Saturday, if you can take some reflective time to honor this round of expansion. Feel free to burn some sage, create some offerings and give thanks to this ability to find balance. This week I have witnessed the shaky grounds of transition among some of my students. In my classes I get to remind them and myself that we have the power to return to center, claim the magical inner workings of body and soul and dance within these seasonal cycles that support our growth. The landscape you see around you is a metaphor for your inner environment. Have fun with this dance of discovery.

Spring Equinox Event

Spring Equinox Event

Friday March 23rd

6:00-8:00 pm

The evening includes:
~Soul Motion led by Brietta Leader
~a Guided Meditation led by Blissa Swan
~Live didjeridoo and percussion by Katie Trelstad
~Crystal Healing Sound Bath by Gaia and Shannon Rei

$12-$25 exchange at the door

As we shift into Spring, new growth abounds. Our seeds of intention, planted in the fertile darkness of the winter solstice are sprouting, new potentials awakening. We tip toward the sun, feeling our sap rising, we welcome the Light. This healing artist collective is coming together again to bring ceremony, healing and conscious intent to this transition into the season where Light, and life, overcome Darkness.

This event is and inner journey of great intention, adults only please. Inquire before 3.19.18 about childcare if needed. We recommend bringing a water bottle, yoga mat, blanket and journal if desired.

Held at Embody Center for the Healing Arts

823 Main St. Sandpoint