Gypsy Diva Dance Troupe


 Gypsy Diva’s Dance Troupe offers a blend of unique styles, costumes, music and expression that touches their audience at the level of soul. Their most recent themes have been connected to inspirations from the elements, embodying water, earth, fire and ‘Air’. Gypsy Diva’s is made up of local women dancers from Sandpoint and have held a core of 6 with a rotating 3-5 women, and usually includes a mother-to-be. Having been a troupe for over 9 years, the Diva’s have built loving relationships and a devotion to this ancient art of dance. The Director Brietta Leader co-choreographs with Hallie Owen and Titina VanHoorn and views being a member of a dance troupe as another gateway for expansion, calling it a ‘spiritual practice’. The Gypsy Diva’s will be performing at the Follies, Summer Fest & NW Yoga Feast this year and look forward to sharing with you.


327798_4057930819383_668520988_oIf you are interested in trying out this fabulous class, please fill out this form:

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