NW Yoga Feast 2020

NW Yoga Feast July 17-19, 2020

Since joining yoga feast 9 years ago as a Soul Motion™ teacher, this event has been by far a highlight of my summer.  There is a unique field of energy built as we commune with nature as campers and enjoy classes outdoors combined with amazing vegan food prepared by the most amazing chef I have ever met, Kariann & then blended with incredible people sharing their heart space through connection.

This year I will be there offering WildCore™, Co-creating the opening and closing ceremonies, performing with Gypsy Diva’s Dance Troupe and soaking up all the yoga, amazing food and community.  Some extras the fest includes; massage therapy within the Healing Tents, a small Vendor Village and 3 different locations on the land to experience world class yoga, dance, kirtan, sound healing, performances, art and connection all surrounded by a gorgeous mountain landscape.

Come join the growing family and be a part of your own transformation!