Reclaiming Beauty and Ugliness

Reclaiming Beauty and Ugliness
A One Day Women’s Retreat w. Brietta Leader

Sunday March 11, 2018

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Our culture thrives on its obsession with beauty in the realm of attractiveness and has unfortunately caused subconscious patterns in young girls, women and men that make us feel less than beautiful, unwanted. Ugliness relates to fear and our sense of belonging. This next section of writing comes from the book by J. Ruth Gendler called ‘Notes on the Need for Beauty” She writes~
“By equating beauty with physical attractiveness, we continually try to make beauty a quality we can measure, evaluate, standardize, demystify, control and explain. Attractiveness has a biological purpose, an evolutionary intention, a direction an urgency. Beauty doesn’t have any intention except to give and share joy. Attraction is active and insistent. Beauty allows us to rest. Beauty invites us to respond with our own beauty. Beauty speaks of our real connection to existence, beyond the mechanics and magic of attraction. Beauty is not simply a set of measurements, a shape, but the radiance and energy of the soul moving through the being.”
“Ugliness is derived from he old Norse verb for ‘fear’, clearly a clue. Many of us are afraid of ugliness, afraid of our own ugliness. Afraid to admit our own beauty, afraid the others will see our ugliness, we walk a jagged line between wanting to be seen for who we are and being afraid that who we are may not be good enough. The suffering that ugliness makes us confront is powerful and mysterious.”

Through WildCore movements, journaling and expressive art exercises we will surrender to the untamed parts of ourselves and reclaim our inner beauty and ugliness as a way to heal and empower our sense of belonging.

Cost: $50 per person (potluck lunch)

There is limited space, so please pre-register by calling

Brietta Leader 208-304-3143