WildCore on the Middle Fork of the Salmon



Imagine yourself seated next to the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Surrounded by the raw beauty of Idaho and among others ready to begin their day grounded, mindful and in the spirit of adventure.

Join me and Pend d’ Oreille Winery as Middle Fork River Tours takes us on a 5 day rafting adventure of a Lifetime.

“The medicine is here” That was the message I received from these waters when my family and I hiked along the Middle Fork in 2015.  I know this to be true as I have experienced it myself and has inspired this co-creation.

In my mid-twenties I was a river guide for both the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon Rivers.  These are Wild and Scenic Rivers and hold so much history from the Sheepeater Indians, to Lewis and Clark, the many Homesteaders that left their legacies to the years of rafters.  This river speaks to your soul and is fertile ground for life transformations.

I am honored and excited to be offering WildCore-On the Mat each morning along the banks of the river.  Giving us an opportunity to embody the wild nature we are born with through breath-work and choreographed movements that align & express body, mind, & spirit. All of the offerings will be optional, but we will start the day with a sunrise meditation, followed by WildCore-On the Mat, which will infuse the energy of the day, the elements and general needs of the group into each class.  The Muse will be the River, so we will be opening up, cleaning out and deeply listening to our intuitive voice, allowing Mother Nature to be our guide.


We don’t have a date planned yet, but let me know if you and a group of friends would be interested in creating a charter trip!

Go to: middlefork.com

or call 1-208-263-5711

to register



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